हिन्दी टेक-टॉक

इस अनुभाग में मैं हिन्दी से जुड़ी नवीनतम तकनीकी जानकारियां देने की कोशिश करुंगा। इस ब्लॉग को ऑनलाईन हुए कई वर्ष बीत चुके हैं। ब्लॉग की शुरुआत करने का पहला मकसद हिन्दी की साहित्य से ज्याद हिन्दी भाषा में होने वाली तकनीकी शोध परक जानकारी देना था। परंतु मुझे उतना समय नहीं मिला की मैं कुछ जोड़ सकूं इस संदर्भ में। मेरा पहला प्रयास अब प्रारंभ हो रहा है।

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  1. According to my information we dont have an official Rajbhasha yet. Please cross check.

    1. Hindi is second official language of the Govt. of India. The first official langauge is English.

  2. As per Art.343(1) of the Indian Constitution Hindi is an Official language of the union. It is unfortunate that people do not understand a difference between an Official language(Rajya Bhasha) and National language(Rastra Basha). National language is the language which is included in the VIII schedule of the Indian Constitution and Official language is the language which is declared as an official language in the Constitution in Art.343(1). In India there are 22 languages are recognised as National language as included in VIII schedule of the Constitution and Hindi is the language, which enjoys dual status as an Official language and National language. Unfortunately, English is neither our Official language nor a national language because it is neither recognised as an Official language in article of the Constitution nor is it included in the VIII schedule of the consitution. It is just that to quieten the people who were waging language battle in Madras in 1959,1960 and 1965, an Official language Act of 1963 was passed to allow the people living in that time to continue their official work also in English. But all office work in Govt. Offices, especially Central Government offices should be done only in Hindi. Because it is the Official language of the country.

    1. The official language of the Union is Hindi in Devanagari script. 21 other languages are recognised by the constitution as official languages. English is an “associate official language”. Therefore, the total number of languages with any kind of official status recognised by the constitution is 23.

      There is NO mention ANYWHERE in the constitution of a NATIONAL language in India. India has NO NATIONAL language.

      Nor is there any concept of a “dual status”, which only Hindi has.

      Please see this link for further details:
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_with_official_status_in_India (including links at bottom of page)

      “But all office work in Govt. Offices, especially Central Government offices should be done only in Hindi.”

      The website of the Department of Official Language clearly states its language policy regarding communication between the Centre and States. Please see this page:

      State governments use their own respective languages for their state-related office work.

      Hindi (Khari Boli) is definitely widely spoken and understood in India, but it is a misconception to assume that a) it is the NATIONAL language of the country, or b) everyone SHOULD use it

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