Make friends with your fear: why cancer is a gift

Diagnosis “Cancer” turns our life upside down. How to respond to doctors verdict? How to learn to hear your body? Our heroine who has recovered after breast cancer shares her thoughts.

If you think about serious changes in life, then a change in the profession will come to mind rather than a oncological diagnosis. That’s what exactly turns life upside down. My name is Maria, and my main work today is to be a person who was cured of cancer.

Among my friends and relatives, the word “cancer” is as familiar as “pots” or “windowsill”. We can easily joke on this topic. But every time I talk about my diagnosis of a new acquaintance, I come across the same reaction – people completely forget what they wanted to say.

I immediately see my eyes in front of me, full of fear. And you must be a little nervous now, right? This is a clear reaction, because we speak a very sensitive topic for many.

The fact is that in the 21st century no one knows for sure how to react when he gets sick with cancer

Almost no one understands what to do or how to react, when their relative, friend, colleague gets sick with cancer. We are all paralyzed by fear that kills much faster than any disease. This is why I dream to create a culture of freedom from cancer.

Now I want to offer you to take three simple steps. To start Take a look in the face of your fear and let him be. Try to slow down a little, take a deep breath, feel your body, feel the moment. And answer yourself a simple question: do you know how much you have to live? Think about it. None of us know how much we have to live, right?

When you do not know how much time we have to live, we think that we have all the time in the world. We have time to quarrel with loved ones. We have time to pretend to be those who are not. We have time for work that we do not want to do. We can afford to waste time, because we have nowhere to hurry.

And if you now feel even a slight resistance to my words, take another deep breath

Zdá sa, že sex bez človeka – šialené znamenie. Ale v skutočnosti je všetko oveľa lepšie: žena, ktorá sa pravidelne zaoberá sebaprečením, začína chápať jej telo, túžbu a potreby. Takéto užitočné generika cialis o ich sexualite pomôžu zamilovať sa do páru pri dosahovaní orgazmu, vyhnúť sa testovacej metóde a chybám.

and realize: this is the very moment that does not let you let go of fear.

When I was diagnosed, my first reaction was to blame everyone: my parents of wrong genes, ecology, food, government, even God

But then I thought: “Well, let’s say they are to blame. Suppose they made me not monitor my health, not to choose a healthy relationship with people, not to free myself from grievances and fears. But how exactly this will help me recover? How exactly the accusation of someone will help not to die from cancer?”

I told myself: “Mashenka, you did it with yourself”. And this The second step – take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. As soon as you do this, you will feel an incredible surge of strength to change. Right now take a deep breath and feel this power, confidence that you can change your life.

Then, as a journalist and film director, I drew attention to the words and images that we create: “Day of the fight against cancer”, “deadly disease”, “sentence”, feel how much pain and fear in them. We call a cure for cancer – chemotherapy – poison and at the same time we wait for it to help. Is it logical? Therefore, I gratefully started taking treatment. I imagined myself somewhere by the sea, accepting love and healing in my veins. Love and healing, but not poison.

Was I scared? Undoubtedly

Fear is exactly the same emotion as, for example, joy. I felt fear like any living creature, but with all my might I did not allow him to manage me. Fear kills faster than the disease. The best gift that we can make for ourselves and doctors is to make friends with fear. Fare out with a diagnosis.

Now do it The third step. Take a deep breath and realize: we always get what we give. If we start fighting cancer, guess what is happening? Cancer begins to fight with us. I saw it many times. Declaring the war of the tumor, we actually declare war on ourselves. My tumor was inside me, it was part of my body – in the literal sense of the word. So why should I fight my own body? Why should I fight myself? Isn’t it better to talk to your body and find out what it is trying to say?

Feel your body now and let yourself hear it. Continue to breathe and feel where your fear is located

I believe that cancer comes to tell us something. He seems to say: “Look how you don’t love yourself. How you live someone else’s life, live without joy and pleasure. “. Yes, you can call these thoughts banal and obvious, but still you continue to fight, not live. “Wake up,” continues the disease. – Hear yourself, your real desires, your soul and your body. And do not stop breathing “.