Our Kitty in Boots Plush Toy Set: A Guide

The gorgeous Puss in Boots figure has been transformed into a variety of plush toys. Fans can choose from a variety of Puss in Boots velvet set at our business.


Puss is depicted in our Classic Series wearing his distinctive green hat and gloves and adopting an orange and black sitting pose. It perfectly captures Puss’s timeless Shrek aesthetic.


Puss is portrayed in The Christmas Series wearing a festive Santa hat and dress. Annual joy is spread by this cheery rendition.


Puss is portrayed in The Costume Series as another icons, such as a Valentine’s Day center or Halloween pumpkin. For excitement, mix and match!


Puss appears in various energetic offers throughout the Action Series, including dancing and holding a sword. Bring to life your preferred views!


Excellent gentle, lovable Puss plushies in sleeping or sitting positions are available for the Cuddle Series. They are ideal for napping and cuddling.


The gigantic Puss plushes in the Large Size Series are both 22 inches and 28 inches, making them suitable for play or cuddling. For real Puss supporters, a must-have!


Find the ideal fit by browsing our selection of Puss comfortable toys!