Making Friends in a New City

If you’re a dog lover, volunteer at an animal shelter. If there’s something that you’ve always wanted to try, but have been hesitant about, now is the time. Anonymity is actually a wonderful gift, because in a new city, no one will even know if you make a fool of yourself trying something that you’ve always been curious about. As adults, it can be hard to meet people — especially when working from home.

How to make friends if I work from home in a new city

Ultimately, it’s the diversified group of people who attend farmers’ markets that will give you a real opportunity to meet and befriend some great people there. Flag football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf – the list goes on and on. Many amateur sports leagues organize monthly or bi-monthly tournaments – the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people and befriend them (for life). If you like practicing sports, then seek out a suitable sports league and join it. Yes, going to sporting events is also a good way to meet new people in new cities, but nothing compares to the opportunities created by actually being part of an amateur sports league.

Connect with your colleagues on social media.

When you’re in the workplace, make the effort to invite people for lunch or a morning coffee. Small acts of kindness can also go a long way and help get you noticed in the workplace. For example, you could bring in cupcakes for your team or volunteer to do the dreaded Monday-morning coffee run. There’s a good chance if you moved to a new city, it’s for work. While it’s still advisable to keep some parts of your personal life separate from work, there’s no rule saying you can’t hang with your coworkers at all. Organizing exercise classes, gameday viewing parties, or a night out are all good ways to toe-dip into the company culture.

Back before there were meetups popping up everywhere, most of my entrepreneurial friends were online friends. We’d somehow found each other via Twitter or Facebook and make new friends. I remember when I first started freelancing many years ago it was kind of difficult to make new friends who actually got what I did for a living.

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It says something about you and lets people see what you have in common. ” Co-workers get a sense of your hobbies and tastes from the musical instruments, books, sports equipment, art, photos, or belongings in the background. But if you’re the new guy or gal on staff, a remote workplace might seem challenging at first.

  • For my own family, following my school-age child’s lead and exchanging parent contact information with friends he wants to get together with from school or activities has been successful.
  • Here are 20 brilliantly smart ways to make friends in a new city after you move.
  • Having lunch and goofing around with my coworkers was awesome for me, and it was a bit lonely to eat at home every day.

They also serve as a safe space for marginalized employees to voice their concerns and share their grievances. Whether you’re looking for someone to watch “The Bachelor” with or longing for someone who recently moved to your new town, find some similarities and use them to break the ice. Meet our team, then connect with us to see how our workplace innovations will work for you. Fresh out of college in 2012, she landed a job in Colorado Springs, Colorado, figuring that if she was going to embark on an adventure halfway across the country, this was the time to do it. Adams also took a look at who she knew in Seattle already — she had a childhood friend and an acquaintance from her college sorority.