How to Write a Board Report

A well-written report on the board can help a board committee communicate effectively with the entire board. Effective reports require careful consideration of how to structure the report and how to best make it available to ensure that board members have the information they require to make decisions on behalf of the company.

Writing a report for a board can be a challenge for certain. However when you follow the right approach, it’s possible to write engaging and informative reports from committees that will aid in making informed choices and ensure efficient oversight. The following are some of the essential elements to be aware of when writing a report for the board.

1. Make clear the reason for your report, states Barbara Anderson, non-executive director and chair of four boards. This is vital to the success of any board paper because it informs your busy readers if you are writing to inform, seek their opinions or make an opinion.

2. Avoid excessive jargon and technical language and be certain of the context for the information you share. Board members are busy and will be reading your report prior to the meeting to form their questions. They must be able digest the information quickly.

3. Give a meaningful analysis and interpretation of the data you are presenting. Data alone does not tell a complete story; it must be presented with analysis and interpretation in order to give an understanding to the numbers. This will help your board members comprehend the positives and challenges facing your business.