How to Keep Data Safe for Your Business

If your company uses it to fill orders, meet payroll or to conduct any other business, your information could be harmful to people if it ends up in the wrong hands. It is essential to safeguard your personal information. This will not only allow you to maintain a good reputation as well, but also prevent costly lawsuits and business losses.

Begin by assessing all the data your company has and how it’s shared. Only keep what is essential for your company’s operations and keep it in secure places. Be sure that your employees have only the information they need to do their jobs and consider encryption of sensitive data when it moves back and forth between the database and their devices, computers or mobile devices.

Develop a strategy to respond to security incidents and train your employees on it. You should also be aware of the latest threats and use equipment or software to prevent hackers from stealing your information or using it for malicious purposes.

Encourage your employees to back up their data and save backups off-site. It’s a good idea to use cloud storage services with multi-user access and to configure your backups so that they can be restored at a certain point in time.

Do not allow your employees to save information on their own personal computers, tablets or mobile phones, and dissuade them from sharing their passwords for cloud storage with other employees. Also, consider setting up a system to ensure that employees who leave your organization, or transfer to keep data safe other departments erase all personal information on their computers and devices.