Ethical Arguments in Essays: Examples & Topics

For example, if the topic were gun control, an argumentative essay would examine the issue and present facts to prove its claim. A persuasive essay would present facts and include how safe (or unsafe) guns make people feel. Similarly, effective argumentative essays use specific linguistic methods to defend a position on an issue.

good topics for argumentative essay

Other AI tools, like grammar checkers, can help identify and eliminate grammar and punctuation mistakes to enhance your writing. Clean up and recovery after a storm or flood can be dangerous for the volunteer workers. An argumentative essay stresses the importance of safety for clean up crews.

How to choose Interesting Argumentative Assignment Topics?

While this is not an adequate substitute for an experienced academic supervisor, it can help you with quick preliminary feedback. Simply input the relevant text and prompt the tool to summarise or paraphrase it. Alternatively, you can use Scribbr’s free text summariser and Scribbr’s free paraphrasing tool, which are specifically designed for these purposes.

  • King makes an ethical argument about how the United States has failed to live up to its founding ideals in granting people of color political equality.
  • For writing a good argumentative essay, you need to have an interesting topic on which you can take a position.
  • It will be potential to get specialists to the discipline’s viewpoints.

The writer must research a topic, collect useful information, evaluate the evidence and then establish a position on the matter. A strong thesis statement tells the reader what the essay will discuss. An argumentative essay on weather issues identifies problems and how the problems can be solved to save lives. Every student is required to write an impressive and catchy discursive higher English essay, but specific issues arise in their academic life.

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An argumentative essay is a writing style that requires investigating a topic, collecting and assessing evidence, and establishing a position on the topic concisely. This form of academic essay is commonly assigned as a final project in advanced composition courses and extensive research. The aim is not just to be persuasive of your viewpoint or stance, but also to promote critical thinking. This article provides a step-by-step guide to composing an effective argumentative essay. During the research, you must take notes that you deem necessary for your ethical essay topic.

good topics for argumentative essay

Once you pick the topic, analyze it and understand what you have to do. If the topic has been given to you by the professor, then good topics for argumentative essay you need not take the stress of finding an interesting one. The ethical essay topics that you chose have to be narrowed down.

General Argumentative Essay Topics

It is often easy to become emotional and let topics that deal with moral issues carry you away. Topics like these often cover a wide range of moral and ethical dilemmas from, say, punishment by death to carrying out tests on animals. These issues are usually very open to debate since most people have different opinions – and different reasons for their opinions – when it comes to deciding right from wrong. An ethical personal statement help argument based on consequences will not alienate audience members who have different moral beliefs. King makes an ethical argument about how the United States has failed to live up to its founding ideals in granting people of color political equality. King could use statistics or facts to make a logical argument. He could also use an anecdote about the racism he experienced to make an emotional argument.

Consider the disadvantages or prohibitions that exist in the immediate environment. An argument is a reason for either supporting or challenging a topic under discussion. While declawing cats used to seem like an easy solution for problem scratching behavior, veterinarians have become more outspoken about its negative aspects for the past decade or so. To declaw a cat, they remove a portion of the cat’s bone, which is comparable to removing the tips of a person’s fingers. Trimming the cat’s nails and teaching it to use a scratching post will usually protect belongings from a cat’s natural scratching behavior. The reader knows what to expect from the article because the thesis claim clearly explains its stance. Qualifying the other side means parts of the opposing argument can’t be dismissed entirely.

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It is even likely you have become quite effective at writing essays on topics assigned by your instructors. However, when you are asked to choose topics by yourself for different argumentative essays, it may be that you get stuck.

Are you still not able to write a good argumentative essay even after having these skills? Instant Assignment Help, the best essay writing service provider in the UK brings you an amazing guide to aid you in writing an A+ grade-worthy argumentative essay. Approaching each chapter of a dissertation as a shorter essay can make the task of writing a dissertation seem less overwhelming. Each chapter will have an introduction, a main body where the argument is developed and substantiated with evidence, and a conclusion to tie things together.

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Consider these two different introductory paragraphs for a reflective essay entitled ‘My Ambition’. Put inverted commas (” “) round the exact words the character says and start a new paragraph for each new speaker.

  • This is why you have to take time on that paper before you submit it.
  • This is going to be the premise upon which your ethical essay is built.
  • In addition, an effective argumentative essay also acknowledges opposing viewpoints and provides counterarguments to refute them.

In the event you are not sure what topic to choose, think about something that affects yourself or someone you love on a personal level. It is likely this will make it easier and more natural for you to write about your chosen topic. Just make sure you base your writing on factual information rather than on personal experiences or anecdotes since these are more suitable for narrative writing. You are welcome to use any of these topics when you have an essay to write or they may provide inspiration to help you develop an original and unique topic of your own.

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Logic uses pathways to determine “good” and “bad” reasoning by examining parts of a declarative sentence to decide whether it’s true or false. A logical argument is consistent (doesn’t contradict itself), sound (supports its conclusion by using valid points), and complete (provable within itself). One can observe this emerging practice in European countries, the US, and other countries worldwide. To analyze a professionally-written piece, you should possess strong critical thinking skills and… Stop getting confused over formatting and buy a new essay from us, and you are assured of exclusive, properly formatted essay delivered on time.

Then, you can choose whether you want to argue about the topic using ethical principles or by examining the consequences. Ethical principles include religious beliefs, political ideologies, and philosophical theories. The following examples are not appropriate topics for using ethical arguments. These topics do not address whether an idea or proposal is morally right or wrong based on principles or consequences. The topics instead would need logical reasoning or data to support their arguments. This is why you choose the topic you can elaborate on and persuade.