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Playing hi lo with the Martingale strategy could quickly deplete your bankroll if you have a losing streak. The magic happens as players pit their wits against the odds, choosing safely makes for greater chances of success, while guessing more aggressively could bring in higher prizes. It’s control versus excitement, risk versus reward in every reveal. Follow your path or utilise exciting side bets to win real cash prizes. Float through your day wearing it as a dress with a little slip, a dramatic top or a kaftan on the beach…. Completely dreamy, this sweet color palette has a dash of drama with a striking ombre print.

Although, you should be aware that many operators exclude these e-wallets from bonus offers. You will find such details in the promotional terms and conditions, so be sure to read them. This includes the first 3 community cards dealt into the middle of the table. All players still in the hand – active players – can use these community cards to form their best 5-card hand. Once again, play continues with the first player clockwise of the button.

  • Hi-Lo is a very simple game to play, but its payouts are anything but.
  • In Omaha, players are only shooting for the Hi hand so there is a bit of room for maneuvering for a bluff attempt.
  • Metaspins crypto casino allows you to play hi lo game for real money using cryptocurrencies.
  • Place your chips on the bet of your choice, and when the countdown timer reaches 0, the game will begin.

If the next card being dealt with is similar to the previous card, you lose. It is important to note that only 100% correct predictions will give you a payout. You should click on the Hi card if you think the next card that will be dealt will be higher than the base card. The Lo or low clicker should be clicked if you thing that the next card will be lower than the already dealt card. Omaha Hi/Lo promos can regularly be found in our promotions section, and you’ll also find leaderboards awarding bonus chips to those who climb the ranks.

The first of these differences will make any Hold’em player feel like they have superpowers! Doubling your hole cards gives you more than twice the number of card combinations you’re used to, with four hole cards providing six different two-card combos. As a result, stronger hands are more frequent in Omaha poker. To play the high low card game, you bet on whether the next card to dealt will be higher or lower than the base card. Our overview of the rules contains a step-by-step guide to playing hi-lo.

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So it’s possible to heroically hit Lower Or Same if a 3 is showing, for example. Hi-Lo is a popular casino game that’s been enjoyed for more than a decade by players, and it’s a simple online casino game that’s easy to learn, easy to play, and exciting. On this page, we look at how to play the game, where it originated from, and a basic strategy guide to help you begin playing.


Although there are more differences than similarities, players should know that these two games do have a few things in common. One, Omaha is a ‘nut’ game which means that players should be going for the nuts only when attempting to enter a pot. This is because there are so many draws out there that the best hand on the flop can easily be drawing dead on the turn.

If the Big Blind was $4, the cost of a call would be $4, or at least $8 to raise. Poker play continues in a clockwise fashion around the table. Bets will continue until all active players have made equal-value bets in the pot. Licensed sites must enlist the services of Commission-approved testing houses to verify the integrity of their games and payouts. Such organisations test the RNG technology used to generate game results, to ensure that they are completely fair.

The History of the Hi-Lo Game

For example, an ace might count as a low or high card, which generally speaking will be at the discretion of the casino you play at. Regardless, the game involves being able to guess whether the value of the next card dealt by the dealer is higher or lower than the previous card. You may have seen Omaha poker referred to as PLO, which stands for ‘Pot-Limit Omaha’.